3 Tips for a Successful Summer Move

New season, new home!

About 80% of home moving in Canada occurs between May and September. It is a popular time because the weather is nice, making it easier to transport items, and if you have children, then they’re home from school. It might feel stressful but with the right tools and proper guidance, you will be laying back on your newly furnished couch in no time!

Here are a few tips and tricks for a smooth transition:

Plan Your Move

Since it is a busy season for movers, you’ll want to secure a day and choose a reputable company. If you schedule last minute, then you’ll have to work around what is available. There is a DIY option that can save you money, but the energy and time may not always be worth it. Nevertheless, if you are planning to pack everything into your truck just make sure you have plenty of space to make it a successful transition.

Stay Hydrated

Moving in the summer may be convenient but there will be a lot of heavy lifting involved, which gets more difficult in the heat. Make sure you are taking breaks and drinking lots of water. Ensure you have at least one other person accompanying your move to avoid any injuries or sunstroke.

Take Your Time

Whether this is your first home or not, the setup and everything involved with settling into a new place requires time and patience. So, keep in mind that you do not need to move in one day. Spread out the days, dedicate every weekend for a month, or take a full week.

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