4 Rooms To Use Pantone’s 2021 Colours of the Year

Every colour has meaning, some more than others. When you’re upset, you’re “feeling blue” or when someone is ill, you might say, “you’re looking a little green.” But colours can also do, say and mean so much more. Which is why, every year Pantone announces a distinct colour theme. These themes make appearances in art, style and home décor, each application giving the colour its own unique meaning.

This year, Pantone couldn’t select just one 2021 Colour Of The Year. Introducing Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (yellow). These are two contrasting colours that, when paired together, create a sense of strength and unity.

So, how can you incorporate these colours into your home? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Bathroom:
  2. A great area to make a lasting impression is around the bathroom sink. A bright accent wall creates a focal point in the room that contrasts well with neutral grey walls.

  3. Kitchen:
  4. Painting your kitchen all one colour is so last year! Grey cabinets in the kitchen are trendy, but did you ever consider mixing and matching with light and dark shades? Dare to be different and incorporate yellow accents on doorknobs and drawer handles, so that when the sun shines, so will your kitchen.

  5. Bedroom:
  6. Colour experts suggest using Pantone P300-5 Upbeat or P310-6 Radiant Sun if you want to add a touch of sunshine in your bedroom. It is highly recommended that you use the yellow for an accent wall since it may be too drastic for the entire room. This is why the Ultimate Gray is the perfect contrast to incorporate.

  7. Living Room:
  8. It’s true that the little details can make the biggest difference! Your décor is an important element that ties the room together, so get creative and contrast a grey couch with illuminating shades or throw pillows.

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