How To Save Energy In Your Kitchen

Aside from your HVAC system and dryer, kitchen appliances like your dishwasher, refrigerator, and oven account for most of the energy use in the house. Here are a couple easy and affordable ways to save energy in your kitchen and take a few bites out of your monthly bill.

  1. Switch to ENERGY STAR Certified Lights

    ENERGY STAR is a certification given to products that meet certain specifications of energy efficiency. They use up to 90% less energy, 70% less heat, and last roughly 15 times longer than other industry standard products. You can calculate cost per lightbulbs based on the size of your home here.

    In your kitchen, ENERGY STAR certified light fixtures not only run more efficiently and last longer, but they also tend to be brighter than other light fixtures. You can also opt for a dimmer to utilize less electricity for a long period.

  2. Cover Your Pots

    Covering the pot traps the heat, which often means faster cooking/boiling and less energy use. Also, containing the heat in the pot prevents the rest of the house from warming up, which will make your HVAC system work harder to cool the home in the summer months. Your cooling and heating system accounts for nearly half of your home’s energy use, so it important to ensure it is not over working.

  3. Unplug Unused Appliances / Items

    Even if you’re not using them, keeping your smaller appliances plugged in will continue to use electricity. For example, leaving a standard phone charger plugged in will use 0.1 – 0.5 watts per hour. Although that does not seem like a lot, having multiple appliances plugged in at all times can begin to add up on your bill. We recommend ensuring your kettle, toaster, blender etc. are all unplugged and stored away property when not in use.

  4. Wash With Cold Water

    If you are hand washing your dishes, try using cool water to give your water heater a break. Although most dishwashers use hot water to clean, there is a SMART dishwasher available at LOWES that allows you to manage the machine's time and use.

Although these minor fixes may not seem to make a big difference, the cumulative effect of little habits add up over time!

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